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About Drew Iowa

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The Backstory
Drew Iowa depicts a small town in rural Iowa. It's a very rural community, deep in the heart of the prairie grain fields where time has almost stood still. Sometimes it's a branch line of the Rock Island railroad in the 1960s, other times it's part of the Milwaukee Road Railroad in the mid-1970s. Sometimes other mid-western lines like the Chicago and North-Western or the Santa Fe are seen passing through. Sometimes the last of the great silver streamliners pick their way delicately through the rough track, and sometimes it's a very young Amtrak who tenatively explore this railroad backwater.
Construction Notes
Layout built by Andrew Dunn, extended and detailed by Andrew Dunn, Nick Whitmarsh-Everiss, Paul Fisher and Syd Bunker. It has recently been re-wired by Bevis King for better DCC operation.