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About Broke Brick Mountain

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About The Layout By Charlie Fox-Wilson
Broke Brick Mountain is a 'G' scale model set in rural America in the early 1900's during the short lived Brick Rush Days. There is one main line around the model with passing places at the depot and in the mountain tunnel. The other track is a figure of eight which joins the main line to enter the emerging town of Elrif. At present there is only one mine working being excavated. The raw products are brought out in small tippers, pulled by a Critter loco. The ore is processed in the mill and comes out through the tippers into trucks in the siding which are taken away in a train usually pulled by the 0-4-2 Porter loco.

The layout is 10 metres by 2 metres and 1.7 metres high. It has been made so it can be viewed from three sides, although at some exhibitions space considerations mean that the layout can only be seen from two sides. The individual boards are made from plywood with roof insulation board for the scenery. The trees are all live dwarf conifers or bonsai trees. All the buildings are scratch built either by Charlie Fox-Wilson or Syd Bunker. Locomotives and running stock are Bachmann or LGB with the battery run equipment designed and hand built by Syd Bunker. The original design was taken from a portable layout by Don Weeks in America which he constructed on a trailer, as featured in Garden Railways Feb 2006. The problem was that a trailer of that size would not fit into Charlie's garden!