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About Le-Fordham Yard

What's Here
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The Backstory
Le-Fordham is a freelance American switching layout with a twin track mainline passing loop running through it, based on the modern era diesel, there can be seen a number of rail fan steam trains passing through from time to time.
Construction Notes
Stage one of build is well underway with most of the track being laid across the 16` of base board (using the brilliant baseboard system), Stage two will be the four end boards and Stage three will be the hidden fiddle 18 road yard, minimum train length in the yard will be 30 car trains with a number well exceeding this.

The layout is wired for DCC, all track and switches on view are Atlas code 55, switches on view are controlled by Tortoise slow motion switch machines through DAC10 switch controllers, the hidden fiddle yard will use Peco code 55 track and switches, locally controlled using SEEP point motors.